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News of Recent Activities

March 18, 2017 - March Potluck, With Ralph Northam and Susan Platt

Nearly 100 Democrats came to the March evening social and potluck on March 18. Guests were Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, who is a candidate for Governor of Virginia this year, and Susan Platt, who is a candidate for Lt. Governor. Both candidates made excellent presentations, and spent over an hour speaking individually with those in attendance. Below are photos of some of the crowd, and of Lt. Governor Northam and Susan Platt with Lisa Hystad, Democratic Committee Chair.

Democratic Potluck March 18

Ralph Northan with Lisa Hystad

Susan Platt with Lisa Hystad

February 19, 2017 - February Evening Social & Potluck Supper

Eighty Democrats came to the February evening social and potluck on February 19 at the Parish Hall of Grace Episcopal Church. Guests were Vee Frye, the Chair of the Rural Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia, who spoke about the upcoming Rural Retreat for Democrats, and representatives of the campaign of Susan Platt, who is a candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia this year.

Greene Democrats Meet Twice a Month

Greene County Democrats meet for coffee on the first Tuesday of each month. We usually have 15 to 30 attendees who discuss a variety of subjects about current or upcoming events, or listen to presentations by guest speakers. We also meet on the third Sunday of each month for an Evening Social and Potluck Supper, starting at 5:00 pm. These evening events usually include speakers, including candidates for upcoming elections. Attendance at these events has recently ranged from about 40 to near 100.

Greene Democrats Worked the Polls on Election Day

Greene County Democrats could be found outside all five polling places in Greene on election day, November 8. They greeted voters and answered questions about the Democratic candidates. Democrats also fulfilled their duties working inside the polling places as election officials. If you are interested in working either inside or outside one of the polling places in upcoming elections, please contact Lisa Hystad, Committee Chair, at 434-985-4832.

Greene Democrats Worked Hard to Turn Out Democratic Voters

A few dozen Greene County Democrats worked hard contacting voters in the County to emphasize the importance to voting on November 8. Over 1000 likely Democratic voters were contacted by Democratic volunteers going door-to-door or making phone calls.

July 4th, 2016 - Parade in Stanardsville

Greene County Democrats were out in force on Independence Day to participate in the parade in Stanardsville and promote the election of Jane Dittmar as our Congressional Representative from the Fifth District.

July 4th Parade

January 17, 2016 - Evening Social and Potluck Supper

About forty Democrats and friends attended the January evening social and potluck supper on Sunday, January 17, at the Episcopal Parish Hall in Stanardsville. We were pleased to have representatives of Jane Dittmar's Congressional campaign in attendance, who updated us on the great progress the campaign has made in raising funds and organizing volunteers throughout the District. We were disappointed that Ericke Cage, the other candidate for the Democractic nomination for Congress, did not attend the event as he had scheduled, and did not send a representative. The crowd all enjoyed the wide selection of good food and the opportunity to kick off the 2016 election year with fellow Democrats.

January 17, 2016 - Fifth District Democratic Committee Meeting

Lisa Hystad, the Chair of the Fifth District Democratic Congressional Committee, hosted the regular meeting of the Committee in Stanardsville on Sunday, January 17. The Committee, with members from around the District, decided to hold a Convention rather than a Primary to select the Democratic Congressional candidate for the 2016 election. The Convention will be held on May 7. Prior to the Convention, each of the 23 counties and cities in the District will elect delegates to the Convention. Two individuals have announced their intention to be a candidate to be the Democratic nominee. They are Ericke Cage, from Halifax County, and Jane Dittmar, from Albemarle County.

December 20, 2015 - Reorganization Meeting of Greene County Democratic Committee

Greene County Democrats held their Reorganization Meeting on December 20 at the Episcopal Parish Hall in Stanardsville. Democrats elected Committee Members and Officers for the next two years. Click on the "About Us" page to see the list of 31 newly elected Committee Members.

Officers elected for the next two years are:

Chair: Lisa Hystad
Vice Chair: Colleen Green
Secretary: Catherine Sypher
Treasurer: Sue Dwoskin
Precinct Captain, Dyke: Peter Bonds
Precinct Captain, Midway: Mary Ann Mongillo
Precinct Captain, Ruckersville: Bill Sypher
Precinct Captain, Stanardsville: Diamond Stansell
Precinct Captain, Swift Run: Bob Dwoskin

November 15, 2015 - Evening Social and Potluck Supper

About fifty Democrats and friends attended the November evening social and potluck supper on Sunday, November 15, at the Episcopal Parish Hall in Stanardsville. We were pleased to have as a special guest Jane Dittmar who is a candidate to be the Democratic nominee for the 5th Congressional District race. She brought us up to date on the status of her campaign. We also were delighted to have Dale Herring and Michelle Flynn as guests. They both were elected in November as Greene County Supervisors, and they thanked the group for our efforts to inform voters about the capabilities and positions of the candidates.

The results of the November 3 election were applauded. It was noted that all of the candidates endorsed by the Republican Committee in Greene were defeated, with the exception of incumbent Steve Smith for Sheriff.

October 18, 2015 - Evening Social and Potluck Supper

About fifty Democrats and friends attended the October evening social and potluck supper on Sunday, October 18, at the Episcopal Parish Hall in Stanardsville. The Committee had invited the four candidates for Clerk of Court and the two candidates for Sheriff to attend and make a brief presentation regarding their qualifications. Three of the four Clerk of Court candidates attended and spoke, as did the two candidates for Sheriff. Although none of the candidates is running as a Democrat, the presentations were helpful to the attendees in deciding on which candidates to support in the upcoming election.

September 20, 2015 - Evening Social and Potluck Supper

About sixty Democrats and friends attended the September evening social and potluck supper on Sunday, September 20, at the Episcopal Parish Hall in Stanardsville. We were pleased to have all of the candidates for Board of Supervisor positions in Greene County attend. They were able to speak with attendees individually and each made a brief presentation. The candidates for election on November 3 are: Dale Herring and Bob Young for the At-Large seat; Michelle Flynn and Davis Lamb for the Ruckersville District seat; and David Cox and Donna Harlow for the Monroe District seat.