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How to Get Involved

What You Can Do

All Democrats and other progressives in Greene County are encouraged to join us in our efforts to support Democratic candidates in upcoming elections. We are working hard for Democratic wins in the 2017 election. It is critical that we elect a Democrat as Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General, and gain control of the Virginia Senate. We also need to work to reduce the Republican advantage in the Virginia House of Delegates.

There are many ways you can get involved, including:

- Meeting friends and neighbors who are potential supporters, and encourage them to vote.

- Helping at Democratic events, such as voter rallies, picnics and fundraisers.

- Canvassing neighborhoods, by phone or on foot, to get out the vote, or putting up yard signs.

- Helping get voters to the polls on election day.

- Supporting Democratic candidates financially.

We also are looking for volunteers to be block or subdivision captains to lead the efforts in your neighborhood to get out the vote for Democrats.

How to Join the Greene County Democratic Committee Campaign Efforts

You can email Lisa Hystad at: or give her a call at 985-4832. If you would like to receive email notifications of upcoming events, please email your email address to Lisa. Or you can check this website's home page for announcements of upcoming events.